Friday, June 30, 2017

What a Great June QOV Meeting...Doris Came!

Our latest East Central IL QOV June Meeting brought a wonderful turnout from our Volunteer efforts and LOTS of QOV quilt tops.  Our Doris brought thirteen (13) herself!

Without further ado - here are thirteen (13) of the twenty (20) we received...Thank You ALL for your incredible Volunteer efforts and your wonderful generosity!

QOV #1 - Eagles & Stars

QOV #2 - Patriotic Stripes

QOV #3 - Patriotic Weave

QOV #4 - Red Door/Blue Streets

QOV #5 - We Love the USA! 

QOV #6 - Patriotic Pinwheels

QOV #7 - Patriotic Sunrise

QOV #8 - Americana Delight

QOV #9 - Americana Striped

QOV #10 - Khaki & Cream

QOV #11 - Americana View

QOV #12 - Sunshine & Stars

QOV #13 - Flags of Freedom, Our Doris's 79th QOV!

Are these thirteen amazing QOV quilt tops inspirational, or what?  Every time I look at them, I get even more ideas for even MORE quilts!

Our Doris holding one of her thirteen (13) QOV quilt tops!

The seven (7)  remaining QOV quilt tops will be photographed at a later date, after they are completed and quilted, per the request of their Volunteer creators and to maintain the privacy and surprise of those QOV recipients - NO worries, we will wait patiently for their final reveal.

In the meantime - time to start planning/cutting/sewing borders for ALL these incredible QOV quilt tops!

A Big Thank YOU goes out to ALL our incredible Volunteers, and those who continue to support our Volunteer efforts - you make it possible for us to continue to honor and cover our very deserving Service Members and Veterans with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.

Happy 4th of July EVERYONE!

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”

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