Thursday, April 21, 2016

Korean Veteran/McDonald's Employee Awarded Her QOV

Our Doris and I had the extreme pleasure and privilege during our April East Central IL QOV Meeting to award a special Quilt of Valor to an even more special Korean Veteran and current McDonald's employee, Peggy:

Korean Veteran/McDonald's employee, Peggy H. awarded her Quilt of Valor

Awhile back, Doris and I got to meet Peggy during a previous East Central IL QOV meeting, when she came up and started admiring our Quilts of Valor tops we were showing during the 'Show & Share' part of our meeting.  Peggy took a particular liking to one of the patriotic QOV tops - Doris and I looked at each other and winked, 'cause we both knew we would soon be awarding this Quilt of Valor to Peggy, just as soon as we could get it quilted/bound/labeled!

A Big Thanks goes out to EVERYONE, including our QOVF Volunteers, our local McDonald's, and especially our surprise visitors, who contributed in any way to help make Peggy's Quilt of Valor award so special.  CONGRATS to Peggy and Thank YOU for your sacrifice and service for our country.

Once Peggy's QOV award presentation was complete, we proceeded to April's Show & Share portion of our meeting.  This month included the Quilt of Valor our Doris had quietly requested for one of her family's Vietnam Veterans - to be awarded in an upcoming QOV Award ceremony:

Doris's QOV for her family's Vietnam Veteran - soon to be awarded!

Another of our East Central IL QOV Volunteers, Sue, dropped off two Quilts of Valor quilt tops to be finished/quilted by yours truly.  While we would love to get them finished up and quilted, Miss Betty & I already have more than fifty (50+) in our quilting queue soooo, it will probably be awhile unless/until another longarmer shows up to help out ;-).  Thanks, Sue!

We also had the pleasure of several visitors, including some of McDonald's finest, and a surprise visitor or two - one even brought some leftover patriotic fabrics to share, to be included in a future Quilt of Valor...Thank YOU, Marge!

It was a wonderful April QOV Meeting - see you in June!

Questions?  Please contact:

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East Central IL QOV
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