Saturday, September 12, 2015

Flight of the Eagle QOV Underway w/Updates

Northcott's Flight of the Eagle Quilt of Valor quilt pattern is a QOV that I have long wanted to create and now, the opportunity is here!

Northcott's Flight of the Eagle ALL planned out, ready to be cut
Since at least one of these very special Northcott fabrics is directional, special care in cutting and sewing is required to ensure the desired finished result is achieved.

Here's how I handle this dilemma.  My method is very basic, requiring post-it notes and numbered quilting pins but, it works for me ;-)

Post-its used to label each block, border, and binding
Sewing is now ready to begin:

Sewing the side borders together
Interior borders are all sewn together and pressed.  I pressed seams towards the small red border  on both sides to give it a 'raised' effect during quilting:

Aren't these neat?  See the embossed eagle in flight in the center border panel - love these fabrics!

Time to assemble the Star panel triangles:

Block A Star Block - once assembled, these triangles will create the 'star points'
for the six (6) Star Blocks

Time to get back to sewing those 48 triangle units...

UPDATE 9/13/2015 - Triangle units ALL sewn and getting trimmed:

Block A triangle units getting those dog ears trimmed off

Block A corner triangle units sewn/pressed/trimmed - all ready to be attached to main block

UPDATE 9/14/2015 - And they are ALL assembled and complete:

Block As assembled and ready to be embroidered

Time for the central embroideries to be added:

The first of 6 embroideries complete

Only five more to go...time to get back to it.

UPDATE 9/15/2015 - here are a few of those finished embroidered blocks:

The Eagle is landing

USA Eagle wings

Eagle in flight over our purple mountains

Assembling the borders and embroidered blocks:

Five of the six embroidered blocks complete...just one more!
The sixth embroidered block is almost finished - I saved the Best for last.  This Lady Liberty embroidered block has 48,556 total stitch-out count and 15 color changes!  I'll post pics when finished - will probably take at least 2+ hours to machine embroider this block.  Will then be time to assemble interior borders, followed by the exterior ones...time to get back to it!

Alrighty then - after 3 hrs., 17 min., this Lady Liberty block is complete:

Lady Liberty

And here she is in her final resting place, prior to quilt top assembly:

Interior blocks of Flight of the Eagle ALL ready for assembly
Time to get busy sewing!

UPDATE 9/23/2015 - after battling cold/flu for the past several days, finally able to assemble the interior blocks and border, along w/exterior borders:

Flight of the Eagle Quilt of Valor quilt top completely assembled, ALL ready to be quilted!
Time to quilt...

UPDATE 12/8/2015 - To view the quilting of this Purple Heart/Flight of the Eagle Quilt of Valor, Please follow this direct blog link:

Questions?  Please contact:

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


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