Wednesday, July 1, 2015

1st July QOV - Denim W/Gold Quilt of Valor getting quilted...

This neat Denim & Gold Quilt of Valor getting quilted just in time for the 4th:

1st July Quilt of Valor - Denim w/Gold
You may notice my photo is a bit skewed, that's because I quilted 'over' my little finger on the last pass of this neat Quilt of Valor:

Quilted/punctured pinky - see the two holes, one where the needle entered,
the other on the backside where it exited
Dang if that didn't hurt!  And my quilting machine, to Miss Betty's credit, didn't miss a lick - didn't even break the needle and/or thread...soooo, after the bleeding stopped we went back to quilting:

Denim gold/Yellowston So Fine McTavish quilted in the denim border - love the look of this!
We even decided to implement an Angela Walters' quilting technique in the 'Pledge of Allegiance' inner border and we think it looks pretty nifty:

Angela Walters' toothpick quilting in Pledge of Allegiance border
We chose to keep ours in scale with the lines of the Pledge, just to keep it simple and not too busy. Looks like it was a good choice ;-).

Just a couple more borders left to toothpick quilt and this first Quilt of Valor for July will be finished!

UPDATE July 5, 2015:  this Quilt of Valor coming off the frame

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