Thursday, May 7, 2015

YOU Are a Super-Star!

I am so excited to FINALLY get to share with all of you our East Central IL Quilt of Valor entry into the 2015 Quilting Treasures Quilts of Valor Challenge featuring reporduction fabrics from the "Patriotic Pop" and "Salute to Summer" fabric collection by Studio 8 and Liz Lolansky.  It is now being displayed at HMQS in Salt Lake City, Utah this week!

QOV: "You Are A Super-Star!" coming off the frame
Aptly named for the Quilt of Valor Recipient who will ultimately be Awarded this QOV
Diane Jaeger of Quilts of Valor and the one who is in charge of this aspect of this Quilting Treasures 2015 Competition, requested we not post any blogs, articles and/or photos prior to our Quilts of Valor being displayed at the show.  Just saw her posting from Salt Lake City, Utah that ALL QOVs have now been displayed, viewed, photographed, etc., so now WE can all share ours!

And I can tell the complete story about this very special Quilt of Valor.  We had originally planned an entirely different quilt design for this competition, that is until we received the fabrics.  As many of you know - fabrics have a tendency to 'talk to us', don't they?  These incredible fabrics told us - "You need a different quilt design!"  And they were right!

After much dilemma, several sleepless nights, time was running out! I kept going back to a design I faintly remembered seeing in a recently purchased book but, which one?  I had purchased several at the time for some much needed inspiration.  After going through many, many books late one night, I stumbled across it...FINALLY!  The last book I searched through ;-), "Quilting With A Modern Slant" by Rachel May.  Page 179 of that book held the key to our final design conception. The light/dark graphed-out drawing of Debbie Grifka's, "Milky Way" was exactly what we were looking for.

I could visualize the central background in white to showcase ALL those amazing stars in ALL those neat fabrics, utilize an accompanying fabric border from one of the fabric collections, and I believed we'd have a winning Quilt of Valor for a very deserving Service Member or Veteran. What do you think?

One of the stars showcasing the stunning fabrics

Jamie Wallen's Continuous Swirls and panto quilting throughout the main body of this QOV
McTavishing in the Blue borders

Panto quilted w/continuous swirls in the interior, McTavishing in the borders.
The quilting is much more visible from the back of this QOV

2015 Quilting Treasures Quilt of Valor Challenge quilt label

And of course our East Central IL QOV badge

Embroidering our Brand-NEW QOV label for the Presentation Case (below)

Quilts of Valor Award Presentation case

"You Are A Super-Star!" Quilt of Valor w/Presentation Case prior to shipping
We took our design queues from Mary Ann Fons & Mark Lipnski, who requested 'simpler', less 'artsy' quilts for this year's show, and more appropriate quilts for the intended Quilt of Valor recipient. Hopefully, this QOV will meet their criteria and get to travel to Paducah later this year to join our very first Quilts of Valor display...Wish us Good Luck!

There are soooo many gorgeous quilts and Quilts of Valor in this year's HMQS show - wish we could be there to see them ALL in person!  It is such an honor and privilege just to be a small part of it and to create this very special Quilt of Valor for an even more special QOV Award Recipient.

Thank YOU and Good Luck to EVERYONE participating in this 2015 Quilting Treasures Competition!

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


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