Friday, March 27, 2015

Another QOV Finish...Well - sorta...

This Quilt of Valor was recently loaded onto our quilt frame in great anticipation of my longarm quilting machine, aka 'Miss Betty II' would FINALLY be fixed and ready to quilt LOTS of QOVs. Unfortunately, soon after beginning quilting, this is what, to my horror, I saw when checking the 'back' of this quilt:

Blue top thread being yanked to the back of this QOV
And it just kept getting worse:

Giant loops just kept getting BIGGER -
notice the swirls on the right, quilted AFTER 'the fix'
Blue needle thread blobs being pulled to the back

Finally got the idea to 'swap' a part out of another older/similar quilting machine I have - the original Miss Betty I, an HQ16 which we still use, just doesn't have near the quilting capabilities of our latest machine.  Needless to say, after a quick phone call to an HQ Tech to make sure this 'might' work, we got the go ahead to give it a try...Soooo glad we did!

I wrote in-depth on our sister blog about what we did to 'fix' these stitching problems and quilting machine here:

To say it worked would be an understatement but, a picture is worth a few words, right?

Finally - some very good stitches w/NO thread blobs!
The jury is still out as to whether this quilt can actually become a Quilt of Valor.  As you know, our Standards of Excellence are quite strict in what is considered acceptable.  The Good News - we used an all-cotton batting, which may help pull some of these threads into shape - we'll see after it's bound and laundered.

In the meantime, this has been an incredible learning lesson we won't soon forget.  This quilt will be a gentle reminder of the past several months of quilting trials and tribulations - something our Service Members and Veterans know all too well, don't they...?

Finished quilting this unforgettable quilt
Luckily, got Miss Betty II back to quilting in the nick of time - we have a competition Quilt of Valor that needs quilting asap, along with a giant pile of QOVs waiting patiently in the wings to be quilted - I believe we're now up to 35+ Quilt of Valor quilt tops waiting to be quilted and counting!

Questions?  Please contact:

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


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