Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Sharing our 2015 Goals & Wish List and a very Special Quilt of Valor® w/Updates...

A New Year brings NEW Goals and even wishes for most, doesn't it?  East Central IL QOV is no exception, and is sharing our 2014 accomplishments along with our 2015 Goals, including our most ardent Wishes:

East Central IL QOV 2015 Goals & Wishes
We're sending out over two hundred of these exclusive letters to those in our area we feel will be most interested in sharing in one of our New Year's Goals - to cover at least 100 area Service Members and Veterans with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor® in the East Central Illinois area:

160+ ready to go out in the 'second wave'
Will you or your fine organization be one of those we've chosen to share our 2015 journey with? You'll know soon enough!

In the meantime - we have LOTS of Quilts of Valor® ready and waiting to be quilted!  Here's just one of those very special QOV quilts in the middle of the quilting process.  Each Quilt of Valor is very special and this one is no exception.  This QOV quilt top comes to us via a Brand-NEW East Central IL QOV Member, Cynthia, who is participating in a National QOV MODA fabric Competition, and this Quilt of Valor® will soon be entered amongst some of the very best across our great country:

Patriotic Stars complement this gorgeous Quilt of Valor®
The quilt top creator, Cynthia, took special care with EVERY cut of these stunning MODA fabrics
Not only has the quilt top creator of this amazing Quilt of Valor® spent countless hours just 'fussy cutting' out these incredible MODA quilt fabrics, but very special care has been taken with every stitch to sew these fabrics together as perfectly as possible.  Additionally, more than 20 hours will be spent custom quilting this rare Quilt of Valor beauty.  Then more detail work to finish this special QOV with binding and the final labor of love...the exclusive Quilt of Valor® label.

Please stay tuned for updates on our progress over the next couple of days.

UPDATE 2/27/2015: Additional quilting photos and this wonderful Quilt of Valor coming off the frame:

Setting up the piano key border

Using Quilter's Groove ProLine ruler to create perfect piano keys

Piano key quilting in these neat Moda borders

Star/swirl quilting in the interior

close-up of quilting

MODA Quilt of Valor coming off the frame
Binding is good:

Cynthia's RED binding really sets off this QOV!
And proper Quilt of Valor labeling:

Both QOV labels in place - takes 2+ hours to embroider one (1) QOV quilt label
And this finished, gorgeous Quilt of Valor:

Quilted, bound, labeled and ALL ready to ship

UPDATE 4/29/2015:  just received word from Cindy, East Central IL QOV Volunteer and creator of this amazing Quilt of Valor for the MODA Piece and Comfort Challenge - it WON 1st Place locally and has moved on to the National MODA Piece and Comfort Online Quilt Show Competition!  This QOV will be awarded to a local Doctor who enlisted and deployed with his daughter when her Illinois National Guard Unit was called up to serve and protect in IRAQ.  The voting links go LIVE on 4/30/2015 - we'll post those as soon as they become available, check back for updates and voting links.  CONGRATS to Cindy! and Good Luck in the National MODA QOV Competition!!

Voting link to Cindy Moreton's Quilt of Valor via Quilters Desert Patch:

UPDATE 4/30/2015 - Voting is NOW open!  Vote online by following this direct web link: To vote for Cindy Moreton's Quilt of Valor, search for the Quilters Desert Patch Quilt Shop, click on their voting button next to their name, scroll down and click on the VOTE button and you're done...Thank YOU!

Shipping label with QOV Award Recipient letter

Typically, after the QOV has been quilted, it takes an additional 3-4 days to bind, label, prepare the Quilt of Valor for shipping, including printing the appropriate QOV documents - shipping label, QOV Award Certificate and letters - EVERYTHING done to honor the final Quilt of Valor Award Recipient.

Good Luck, Cynthia with your stunning Quilt of Valor!  Please keep us posted on how your Quilt of Valor does in the upcoming MODA QOV Competition.  Thank YOU again for allowing me the honor of quilting it for you - it was a true pleasure.

Thanks goes to each and every one who continue to help us cover our very deserving Service Members and Veterans with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor®.

My Very Best to You and Yours,

Deb Lindley/East Central Illinois Quilts of Valor State Coordinator
Quilts of Valor® Foundation
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”

The Quilts of Valor® Foundation is a non-profit established and operated in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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