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Come and Sew for our Veterans this Thursday, Nov. 13, 2014

Come and Sew for our Vets!
Quilts of Valor Sew-IN

You are invited to come and help us create Quilts of Valor for our deserving Service Members and Veterans.  We have a lofty goal of creating fifty (50) Quilts of Valor over the next 12 months for our local area Veterans & Service Members. 

EVERYONE is Welcome, including home-schooled and 4-H youth, ages 8 years and up interested in learning how to create Quilts of Valor.

What:  Clark/Crawford/Edgar County Quilts of Valor Monthly Sew-IN

Where:  Clark/Crawford/Edgar County U of I Extension Bldg.
15493 N State Highway #1; Marshall, IL  62441

When:  2nd Thursday of every month, next meeting is Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time:  10:00 am – 2:00 pm (CST)

We Need:  Cutters, Sewers, Pressers, Quilters, and most importantly – folks who are motivated to getter done!  QOV Valor fabrics will be available for those participating in our QOV block drives.

Finished up her first strip-pieced Quilt of Valor...isn't it gorgeous?!
*NOTES:  In addition to your own sewing machine and sewing supplies, Please bring your own snacks and lunch.  Cutting and pressing areas will be set up for everyone to share, and there is room for each person to bring their own, if you so desire…

Since it's our Thanksgiving Sew-IN, we're planning on turkey cold-cuts w/fruit for lunch AND homemade pumpkin pie w/whip cream for dessert...See YOU There!

Want to learn How to Make your own?  Watch this!: 

Questions?  Please contact:

Deb Lindley/East Central Illinois Quilts of Valor State Coordinator
Quilts of Valor Foundation
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor…”

The Quilts of Valor Foundation is a non-profit established and operated in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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