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QOVF Final Moving Forward Message

This message from our Quilts of Valor Foundation Executive Director, Susan Gordon, just went out to thousands of us valued Volunteers and QOVF Volunteer Members throughout the US and various other regions and countries throughout our planet.  It is truly a message worth reading at least once...Please do...Thank YOU!

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Quilts of Valor ® Foundation

The Quilts of Valor ® Foundation 
"Moving Forward" Final Message
From Director, Susan Gordon

Dear Volunteers:

You have heard from our Assistant Executive Director, and our Board Members. Sharon and I have tried to answer both publically and individually your comments and your concerns. In this final installment in our "Moving Forward" series, I would like to address two questions: Am I a quilter, and how much am I paid as Executive Director? Here are my answers.

I live in Georgia. I joined the Quilts of Valor effort in 2009. I have made hundreds of blocks and many Quilts of Valor. I organized a local group and solicited donations for our supplies. At some point, I was asked by Catherine or June to become a Regional Coordinator, which included FL, AL, NC, SC, GA, and TN. When State Coordinators were added to our structure, my territory thankfully shrank. Before becoming your Executive Director, I was the GA State Coordinator and the Destinations Coordinator. I also organized QOVF's first-ever leadership conference in Nebraska City, NE, in 2013.

As you can see, I have performed a number of duties within this organization. I have received the same compensation each of you has received: the tears, gratitude, and humility I see each time I award a Quilt of Valor. It is when recipients say, "I was just doing my job, ma'am," that I am rewarded. It is the opportunity to honor men and women for their service and sacrifice in a way I was not able to honor my father, a WWII POW and disabled veteran, that is my compensation. He died in 1970, before Catherine's dream was born. I think of him with every quilt I present, and I feel proud that I can do this for him and all the others to whom I owe my freedoms.

These days, I am not making many Quilts of Valor. I spend as much each month as many of you in terms of dollars and time, but not for fabric. I purchase office supplies, ship materials, and stay in contact with our volunteers and volunteer leaders. I travel many miles each week and average 50 or more hours a week on QOVF-related business.

In looking for guidance in bringing structure to our foundation, we researched other non-profits. We did not find any that offers as much or asks so little from their volunteers in terms of financial support. Many did not offer a choice; people are either members, or they are not. QOVF will continue to welcome all who wish to honor our mission and our core values by making and awarding Quilts of Valor.

I hope we have made our case for your continued support. Our membership is growing daily. Whether you choose to become a member or continue as a volunteer, I am eager to see you carry on, supporting the mission of this foundation. I hope you will watch for the great things and continued growth in QOVF's second decade. Our mission and our motives are pure.

Susan Gordon,
Executive Director

Susan Gordon 

R. Susan Gordon
Executive Director
Quilts of Valor ® Foundation

Thank you for putting service above self.
Your efforts make a difference.

October  2014

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