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Marianne Fons Extends a Heartfelt Thank YOU to Fellow QOV Volunteers

One of our very special Quilts of Valor Board of Directors, Marianne Fons...THE Marianne Fons, of Fons & Porter...Yes THAT One, gives a heartfelt Thank YOU to all our Quilts of Valor Volunteers and elaborates just 'Why' she, too, chose to become a Quilts of Valor Volunteer herself.

Founder, Catherine Roberts, yours truly, THE Marianne Fons

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Quilts of Valor ® Foundation

The Quilts of Valor ® Foundation 
"Moving Forward" Series Message #5
From Marianne Fons 

As one who serves on the board of directors of Quilts of Valor Foundation, I write to express my thanks to the entire QOVF community.

Of all the charitable pursuits available in the quilting world and beyond, I have sometimes asked myself why I was drawn to Quilts of Valor, why, like everyone involved in QOVF, I spend many hours every day-as well as considerable cash for fabric, postage, and, lately on travel to attend conferences-in support of QOVF's mission, rather than on something else.

The answer is easy: Because I don't know what to do about war.

I understand that conflict is part of human nature, and that war is not likely to end in my lifetime. I don't know what to do about it, but I do know how to make quilts, and I believe strongly in their healing power. Thus my support of QOVF and its mission to heal military service members and veterans touched by war. Thus my willingness to be a board member, to serve, as we all do, at our own expense.

I have watched the growth of QOVF in recent years with awe, sometimes even with personal pride when people suggest the "Quilts of Valor" documentary I co-produced with Iowa Public Television has helped raise the awareness of the foundation. When I got involved around 2009, I believe the count was under 40,000 quilts awarded. Now it is over 106,000. That's amazing growth.

Every not-for-profit organization designated as a 501(c)(3) must meet the IRS's financial and reporting requirements. QOVF has chosen to create a new membership structure to continue meeting those requirements. In addition, the new membership fees establish a way for everyone to share the burden of the growing administrative costs of operating a national service organization.     

Because I make most my QOVs on my own, I have joined QOVF as an individual, but I'm hoping to join as a group member as well. A local friend in my small town in Iowa is a newly retired public school teacher and wants to get back to her quilting. She has indicated a willingness to handle our new group's financial paperwork by serving as Group Leader. It's neat to think that when we sew locally on QOVF National Sew Day this coming February, it will be as a registered local group.

I know that change can be hard. During the transition to the new QOVF everyone wants complete and accurate information and to understand the impact of the changes on them. During this time it is important to have constructive and civil discussions regardless of differences of our opinions. We can agree to disagree; however, we must be mindful that QOVF's mission is why we volunteer.

Many apologies if I seem to be on a soapbox. I am only expressing my own feelings, expressing my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has made and continues to make Quilts of Valor, and encouraging all to look upon membership simply as an opportunity to continue to support the mission and core values of Quilts of Valor Foundation and to uphold its maturation.

When I met Catherine Roberts in Houston in 2008, one of the dreams she expressed was for Quilts of Valor and National Service to become household words. I share that dream.

Thank you for sharing that dream with us. 

Marianne Fons

R. Susan Gordon
Executive Director
Quilts of Valor ® Foundation

Thank you for putting service above self.
Your efforts make a difference.

October  2014

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