Friday, September 12, 2014

A letter from our Executive Director regarding our Trademark and QOVF Membership...

There are several reasons why we need to know who is operating in the name of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, some may not even apply to your group.  We have 7,000 - 10,000 people who are using the QOVF name, and now that we have Trademarked our name, we must know "who is doing what" using our name.

First let me tell you, we Welcome you as a volunteer.  ALL volunteers do not have to be members to make Quilts of Valor.  Continue as you are now, if that is your decision.  For those who become members, ($5.00 if you are in a group), there will be the benefits of "ownership", like discounted supplies, deep discounted opportunities from quilting industry sponsors, as well as the membership card and the 2015 exclusive commemorative pin.

Second, the $30.00 group fee is for shared expenses.  At the national level, we register in ALL states that require it so that groups can solicit donations for supplies.  We file a tax return each year, we pay liability insurance that extends to groups who represent QOVF at quilt shows, and other events, and of course there are accounting, website, and legal issues that from time to time cost money.  In the past, some groups did not forward their donations to the national fund while others did.  The groups that did forward their donations received 90% of the funds back for their use, while 10% was held to cover those "shared expenses", thereby benefiting everyone.  With our new membership model, the cost to each group is $30.00 rather than 10% of funds raised, which seems much more equitable.

Finally, many of our volunteers are on a fixed income, I am thinking that if we could provide your group with additional funds each quarter for supplies you would be able to make more QOVs.  In order to do that, which is a goal of the Board Of Directors, we will need to secure corporate support. The first thing each of these companies ask to see is our Audit.  With accurate reporting of funds being raised in the name of QOVF and what is being spent on making quilts, we can do an accurate audit.  Remember, we need to account for and insure that all donations being taken in the name of QOVF are being reported by giving each group back 100% of what they raise and also having some matching funds as they become available, we will be able to do a full and accurate Audit.

Please understand, we are one of the few non-profits completely run by VOLUNTEERS.  Our Assistant Executive Director and I each spend 8 - 10 hours a day working for our mission, we are paid the same as you are...with the gratitude and appreciation of those who are awarded our quilts.

Volunteers, we need your help to continue this wonderful mission of this foundation.  We have grown to the point where we cannot continue to be hundreds of independent groups doing whatever they think they should in their local community.  Unfortunately, some have abused this flexibility. We don't want this to reflect on the quilts that we award or what we stand for.  Our new Policies & Procedures, as well as our membership model will help us continue the vision Catherine had originally - to cover ALL who have stood for us against all enemies.  The complete package will be forwarded to you all very soon.  Until then, let's keep making our lovely quilts!

Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you.  Watch for our upcoming e-blasts with more details.  Please contact Sharon Ledbetter ( or me if you have questions.

Susan Gordon, Executive Director
Quilts Of Valor Foundation

Quilts of Valor Fundation is a non-profit organization established and operated in accordance with Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code

Questions?  Please Contact:

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


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