Thursday, July 24, 2014

#This Is 4-H

Our most recent invitation to display our 4-H Quilts of Valor was a huge honor and ultimately EVERYONE who came to the Clark County 4-H Dress Revue appeared to enjoy the entire event - since most stayed 'til the very end, in spite of a sweltering MidWest heat wave Tuesday evening.  Our community's support of our hard working youth was greatly appreciated!

Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor on Display at the recent 4-H Dress Revue
LOTS of awards were received by several talented youth and our 4-H QOVers were also recognized for their accomplishments and community service:

Clark County 4-H Program Director, Cartha giving recognition to our youth
Announcing Phillip with his 1st place QOV Achievement

Anna w/4-H ribbons and her Quilt of Valor

Jade listening intently w/her QOV
And our very special Tiffany with her Remembrance Quilt in honor of her 'Grandpa Joe', a recently fallen Viet Nam Veteran:

Tiff w/Remembrance Quilt for her 'Grandpa Joe'

This was Tiffany's very first quilt to create and I think she did a phenomenal job, don't you?!

CONGRATS to ALL our industrious 4-H youth! To say, as their 4-H QOV SPIN Club Leader I am soooo proud of each and EVERY one of them, would be a huge understatement.  It has been so wonderful to watch them develop and grow, right along with their quilts - an experience I won't soon forget ;-)

Thank YOU,

~Deb Lindley/CC4HQOVSPIN Leader
Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor SPIN Club

"Committed to Quilts of Valor to Honor our deserving Veterans..."

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