Monday, June 9, 2014

A very special 4-H Remembrance Quilt w/Updates!

Just finishing up this very precious Remembrance Quilt of a special 4-H youth, Tiffany:

Tiff's Remembrance Quilt coming off the frame
Originally we had planned to use a particular panto on this quilt, but this very special quilt really needed more customized quilting than a panto could offer.  Sooo, Miss Betty & I decided we should go ALL out and McTavish and 'flag quilt', aka flag waves throughout this quilt.  And I think it was the best choice, what do you think?

McTavishing in outer border, flag waves in interior
Used one of my favorite threads in the outer border, Superior's King Tut Freedom - and it quilted out wonderfully well:

King Tut Freedom thread used throughout the border quilting
And a perspective from the back:

Right-side back of border quilting

Left-side back of quilting
And the final quilt pic:

Tiff's Remembrance Quilt ready for binding

Tiffany's Remembrance Quilt stats:
  • Measures 70" x 80" w/borders prior to squaring up and binding
  • Quilters Dream poly-select batting used throughout
  • 7.75 total quilting hours
  • Superior Threads King Tut Freedom thread used in exterior borders to McTavish quilt
  • Superior Threads LAVA Diamond Head used to create Flag wave quilting
  • 14 'me-wound' bobbins w/white Maxi-lock
  • SID, McTavish, and freehand quilting used throughout this precious quilt

Tiffany's Remembrance Quilt will be presented in a Dedication Ceremony in honor of her 'Grandpa Joe', who was a Viet Nam Veteran.  This presentation will take place during a special Quilts of Valor Viewing Event open to the public for a very limited time on June 21, 2014...we hope you will join us!

UPDATE June 9, 2016 - Tiffany at the 2014, 4-H Dress Review w/her Remembrance Quilt for her Dear Grandfather, "Joe":

Tiffany with her Remembrance Quilt for her Grandpa "Joe"

It has been such a memorable experience to be able to watch this precious Remembrance Quilt get created - one I won't soon forget...Thank YOU, Tiffany!

Time to make some binding,
~Deb Lindley/Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor SPIN Club Leader

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