Sunday, June 22, 2014

1st Clark County 4-H QOV Special Viewing Event - what an amazing time we had!

Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor SPIN Club
After almost 6 short months, these Clark County 4-H QOV SPIN (SPecial INterest) Club youth completed their Quilts of Valor. They were revealed to the public for the very first time during a Special Quilts of Valor Viewing Event on June 21, 2014.  The reception was overwhelming from family, friends, area leadership and the public!  Thank YOU to EVERYONE who turned out in support of our youth to help share and celebrate in their recent achievement of the completion of their amazing quilts.  Without further ado, here are pics of this unforgettable event:

Phillip's QOV

Anna's QOV

Jade's QOV

CC 4-H Leader Quilt of Valor
This QOV began National Sew Day - finished & quilted by CC 4-H QOV Leader

Tiffany's Remembrance Quilt
Remembrance Quilt label for Viet Nam Veteran, Joe Williams
Joe Williams' family photo w/Remembrance Quilt

WW II Veteran, Connie Richardson with her Quilt of Valor
Time for cake!
The best cake server this side of the Mississippi - my youngest daughter, Jaclyn!
It tasted as good as it looks, too - Thanks Alice!

It has been such a privilege to have participated in this very first Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor SPIN Club program in the state of Illinois.  I am so very proud of our youth and ALL the hard work they expended to learn how to create their quilts.  WE could never have come close to achieving our goal in less than 6 months, (this groups was started on February 1, 2014 - National Quilts of Valor Sew Day!) without the incredible efforts from sooo many parents, family members, friends, community, local area leadership, and state and national support.

Parents like Marie Gorrell - Thank YOU, Marie, I won't soon forget your consistent help and support each and every month, along w/husband, Dan Gorrell, and Father, Brian Williams, (to Tiffany), who helped us take down and clean-up afterwards, Thank YOU. Family members like Jackie Williams, grandmother to Tiffany Williams, who NEVER fails to come through for her family - Thank YOU, Jackie, you are a wonderful wonder and a prime example for all grandparents.  And for my youngest daughter, Jaclyn Lindley, who ALWAYS steps forward, whenever I ask anything of her - Thank YOU, Jaclyn.

4-H Program Coordinator, Cartha Gustafson, who was never more than a phone call or email away, and who believed in and supported our fledgling 4-H Quilts Of Valor SPIN Club program long before anyone was even aware of it - Thank YOU, Cartha!  And of course, Jessie Crews - who was instrumental in ensuring our QOV SPIN club and our Quilts Of Valor Special Events Program would succeed, and who has been providing Clark County 4-H Youth Education and Leadership for over 25 years...Thank YOU, Jessie!

Illinois QOV State Coordinator, Rita Pennington was always available to answer questions and offer creative solutions and ideas whenever I contacted her - Thank YOU, Rita!  National Quilts of Valor Director, 'Rose' of Sharon Ledbetter was invaluable in generously providing her support, guidance, and mentoring during much of the development and eventual outcome of this 4-H program, and especially this Quilts of Valor Special Viewing Event...Thank YOU, Rose!

What an unforgettable experience to have been able to be a part of such an incredible program and to work alongside such amazing leadership...Thank YOU!

My Best to You and Yours,
Deb Lindley/CC4HQOVSPIN Leader
Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor SPIN Club

"Committed to Quilts of Valor to Honor our deserving Veterans..."

East Central Illinois QOV Blog

UPDATE 6/23/2014: additional Clark County 4-H QOV Special Viewing Event photos can be found by following this link -

Monday, June 9, 2014

A very special 4-H Remembrance Quilt w/Updates!

Just finishing up this very precious Remembrance Quilt of a special 4-H youth, Tiffany:

Tiff's Remembrance Quilt coming off the frame
Originally we had planned to use a particular panto on this quilt, but this very special quilt really needed more customized quilting than a panto could offer.  Sooo, Miss Betty & I decided we should go ALL out and McTavish and 'flag quilt', aka flag waves throughout this quilt.  And I think it was the best choice, what do you think?

McTavishing in outer border, flag waves in interior
Used one of my favorite threads in the outer border, Superior's King Tut Freedom - and it quilted out wonderfully well:

King Tut Freedom thread used throughout the border quilting
And a perspective from the back:

Right-side back of border quilting

Left-side back of quilting
And the final quilt pic:

Tiff's Remembrance Quilt ready for binding

Tiffany's Remembrance Quilt stats:
  • Measures 70" x 80" w/borders prior to squaring up and binding
  • Quilters Dream poly-select batting used throughout
  • 7.75 total quilting hours
  • Superior Threads King Tut Freedom thread used in exterior borders to McTavish quilt
  • Superior Threads LAVA Diamond Head used to create Flag wave quilting
  • 14 'me-wound' bobbins w/white Maxi-lock
  • SID, McTavish, and freehand quilting used throughout this precious quilt

Tiffany's Remembrance Quilt will be presented in a Dedication Ceremony in honor of her 'Grandpa Joe', who was a Viet Nam Veteran.  This presentation will take place during a special Quilts of Valor Viewing Event open to the public for a very limited time on June 21, 2014...we hope you will join us!

UPDATE June 9, 2016 - Tiffany at the 2014, 4-H Dress Review w/her Remembrance Quilt for her Dear Grandfather, "Joe":

Tiffany with her Remembrance Quilt for her Grandpa "Joe"

It has been such a memorable experience to be able to watch this precious Remembrance Quilt get created - one I won't soon forget...Thank YOU, Tiffany!

Time to make some binding,
~Deb Lindley/Clark County 4-H Quilts of Valor SPIN Club Leader

Friday, June 6, 2014

D-Day Dedication Post to ALL WWII Vets...Thank YOU!

In Honor of D-Day and ALL World War II Veterans...

Thank YOU! to the Greatest Generation...

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Monday, June 2, 2014

It's Official - 101,034 Quilts of Valor have been awarded!

What an amazing milestone the Quilts of Valor Foundation has achieved - 101,034 Quilts of Valor have been awarded to deserving Service Members and Veterans!  A BIG hearty Thank YOU to Everyone who played a part in helping reach this resounding achievement, you should be very proud.

Congratulations and Thank YOU,

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Our Executive Director, Susan Gordon, expresses her gratitude at this amazing achievement of the Quilts of Valor Foundation:

Quilts of Valor Foundation


Susan Gordon100,000 QOV's
By Susan Gordon, 
Executive Director
Quilts of Valor Foundation


The 100,000th
Quilt of Valor-and Beyond

"Stitching Beyond the 100,000th Quilt of Valor" is our theme for 2014, emblazoned on this year's official Quilts of Valor lapel pin, proudly worn by many of us.

It is my great pleasure to announce to all of you that as of May 31, 2014, we have awarded 101,034 Quilts of Valor!

Together, let us celebrate all Quilts of Valor Foundation has accomplished as an all-volunteer organization, and in just ten and a half years! You have made a difference in the lives of many veterans and service members, and we all can take pride in reaching this milestone.

Many of you awarded Quilts of Valor during the month of May, which means your quilt may have been the 100,000th quilt. What fun to imagine your recipient may have been wrapped in that special quilt! Whether you awarded a quilt last month or not, each one of you is part of a 10,000-strong volunteer army of toppers, longarmers, and donors who have honored and comforted 101,034 touched by war.

Take a moment to enjoy what we have accomplished together. Then, let's get back to sewing and longarming - we have many more to warriors to wrap in Quilts of Valor.

Thank you for your loving hearts, your talented hands, your generous giving and your dedication to our mission.

Well done,

Susan Gordon, Executive Director
Quilts of Valor Foundation


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The Quilts of Valor Foundation is a non-profit organization established and operated in accordance with section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


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