Sunday, December 31, 2017

December Meeting Brings Thank You and Surprises!

Our December meeting brought a wonderful Thank You to one of our very special Volunteers, Doris.

Our Doris receives a Thank YOU for her Land of Lincoln Quilt of Valor

We were proud to have contributed to this wonderful endeavor, and delighted when the actual QOV Awarded Veteran sent his heart-felt Thank You to our Doris.

Quilt of Valor Thank You from the Awarded Veteran

Land of Lincoln QOV

From time to time, a call goes out across our country, with a need for Quilts of Valor to be created and awarded to honor our Service Members and Veterans at a very special upcoming Veteran's Day event.  A few months ago, one of those calls went out from the Texas Bell County Museum.  Our group made a decision to contribute one of our Quilts of Valor to this worthy effort. 

Twenty-five (25) Quilts of Valor were chosen to hang in this special exhibit honoring our Veterans.  Our Group was so honored that our Land of Lincoln QOV was one of them.

We chose one of our Doris's recently created Quilt of Valor - the Land of Lincoln QOV.   We prepared it to be displayed in the Bell County Museum prior to be awarding to a Veteran over our 2017 Veteran's Day Celebrations. 

Land of Lincoln QOV - labelled, ready for hanging sleeve,
prior to shipping to the Bell County Museum

Preparing a Quilt of Valor to be temporarily displayed in any exhibit or museum, requires specific preparation techniques, including proper labelling and attaching a hanging sleeve, prior to shipping or delivering to the designated exhibit or museum contact.  In this case our Texas Bell County Museum contact was Laura.

Attaching a hanging sleeve...

...via the Fons & Porter method

What a prestigious honor to have one of our Quilts of Valor chosen to hang in this wonderful Quilt of Valor exhibit...Thanks, Laura!

And if that wasn't enough, Doris brought two (2) additional QOV quilt tops to be bordered out and quilted.  (Pics coming soon!)

We also decided on the Eagle Quilt of Valor Doris & I created to be awarded by Doris to a very special Veteran in her family.

Eagle Quilt of Valor

It's been an incredible year.  Our group's original goal was to create and award twenty (25) Quilts of Valor in 2017.  We far exceeded that goal.  East Central IL QOV has been privileged to create and award 103 Quilts of Valor to honor and cover our area's Service Members and Veterans. 

Thanks goes out to ALL our invaluable Volunteers and our area donors who continue to support our QOV efforts in so many ways.  Without ALL of You, we would never be able to honor our Service Members and Veterans through Quilts of Valor...Thank YOU!

Happy New Year EVERYONE,

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)
East Central IL QOV blogspot

"Striving to Honor and Cover our East Central Illinois Service Members and Veterans touched by war One Quilt of Valor at a time...Come Join Us!"

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas!

From East Central Illinois Quilts of Valor:

We Wish you the Merriest of Christmases wherever you may be...

Stay Safe!

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thanking a Vet...

It's a simple act of kindness that can bring a powerful response...or just a wonderful smile:

Korean/Vietnam Air Force Veteran wrapped in his Quilt of Valor

Either way - it's so rewarding to Thank our incredible Veterans for their sacrifice and service for our nation.

To ALL our Service Members and Veterans - wherever they may be...Thank YOU.

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Friday, October 13, 2017

Our October Meeting - Pics & Summary

During our recent October meeting, three (3) Patriotic quilt tops were dropped off by our Doris.  ALL are her 'original' design concepts and created from a wonderful array of patriotic fabrics.

The First:

Patriotic Basket Weave

The Second:

Patriotic Half-Square tumbling triangles

The Third:

Patriotic Stripes & Stars

Once again, Doris outdid herself with her creativity and her consistent desire to create these wonderful patriotic quilt tops for our Veterans.  Each one will be bordered out to size and specs, quilted, labeled and awarded to one of our East Central Illinois area Veterans or Service Members...Thank YOU, Doris!

We were notified later that four (4) additional quilt tops donated from other volunteer members will be available to be finished and quilted in time for our Veteran's Day Celebrations, and we have over thirty (30+) patriotic quilt tops and quilts in various stages of completion.  Twenty-nine (29) Patriotic quilts are now scheduled to be awarded during our upcoming 2017 Veteran's Day Celebrations.  To date, our group has awarded seventy-seven (77) Patriotic quilts for the 2017 calendar year, including thirty-four (34) in the last ninety days. 

A BIG Thank YOU goes out to ALL our East Central IL QOV Volunteers and Supporters who help make our volunteer efforts possible for our area Veterans and Service Members.

Questions?  Please contact:

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Come and Sew for Our Vets Meeting on October 12, 2017!

Come and Sew for Our Vets!
Quilts of Valor Meeting

The Mission of the Quilts of Valor® Foundation:  "To cover Service Members and Veterans touched by war, with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor®".

NEW Fall/Winter 2017 Meeting Schedule!

East Central IL QOV will meet the second Thursday of designated months from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm (CST) at our Marshall McDonald’s in Marshall, IL throughout the upcoming calendar year.  Our next meeting  is Thursday, October 12, 2017 @ 1:30 pm (CST).

You are invited to help us create Quilts of Valor®  for our deserving Service Members and Veterans in our East Central Illinois area.  In 2016, we met and far exceeded our original goals.  We were able to accomplish this through the generosity of local area talent, coupled with wonderful monetary and non-monetary gifts from area donors.

We have lofty goals for 2017 - to now create and award a minimum of twenty-five (25) Quilts of Valor for our area Service Members and Veterans  To do this, we need your help.

EVERYONE is Welcome to participate, including home-schooled and 4-H youth, ages 8 years and up interested in learning how to create Quilts of Valor.

Where:  Marshall McDonald's; Marshall, IL  62441

When:  2nd Thursday of designated months, next meeting is Thursday, October 12, 2017

Time:  1:30 pm – 2:30 pm (CST)

Meeting Itinerary:

1:30  – Member sign-in, NEW Members Welcome!
1:45  – QOV quilt top check-in
2:00  – Show & Share, We may be awarding a Quilt of Valor, schedules permitting!
2:15  – QOV quilt top critique
2:30 – *QOV quilt registry/Nominations, Member check-out…See YOU next meeting!

*Quilts Of Valor quilt registry and nominations, Drop-offs/Pick-ups of special QOV quilt tops/quilts or supplies may be done so by QOVF Volunteer Members and non-members immediately following our regularly scheduled meeting…Thank YOU!

2017 Fall Meeting Dates:

October 12
November - Veteran's Day Celebrations/Thanksgiving/NO Meeting
December 7 - FINAL 2017 Sew-IN Meeting...Thank YOU!!!

ALL meetings will begin promptly at 1:30 pm (CST)…Thanks!

We Need:  Toppers, Binders, Longarm Quilters, QOV Presentation Case creators and most importantly – folks who are motivated to getter done!  QOV block kits and quilt kits will be available for a modest donation for those participating in our QOV block and quilt top drives, and of course you are ALWAYS free to create and make your own Quilts of Valor according to our QOVF Standards of Excellence.  FREE QOV block patterns are available at and will also be available for participating East Central IL QOV Volunteer Members.

*NOTES:  Each participant is responsible for cutting & sewing their kits by adhering to our QOVF Standards of Excellence, and returning their finished blocks and/or tops in a timely manner…Thank YOU!

Questions?  Please contact:

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Monday, September 11, 2017

9/11 Tribute - We Will NEVER Forget...

In Memory of those Who were tragically taken on that Fateful Day... Honor of those Who Remain.

We will NEVER Forget.

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”


Sunday, September 10, 2017

One QOV Mystery Concludes...Another Begins!

We finished up this recent QOV Mystery:

Alycia's A6/Big Star Country revealed!

...just in time for another Patriotic Mystery by Lisa to begin:

Patriotic Mystery fabric choices

Our first clue was actually released on Friday, September 8, 2017 however, since I was having a bit of trouble trying to locate one of my mystery fabrics, got a bit of a late start this afternoon, but soon caught up ;-).

The first mystery clue included LOTS of Half-Square Triangles/HSTs:

Cutting the HST squares in layers to save time

All the triangle units are cut, marked and pinned:

HST units marked/pinned - ready to stitch

Chain piecing is also a BIG time-saver:

Chain  piecing the HST units

Several hours later, we have a completed Half-Square Triangle units - sewn/pressed/trimmed...including those dog ears!

Patriotic Mystery Clue #1 ALL complete

There's still plenty of time to join in ALL this Patriotic Mystery FUN!  All Mystery clues will be released each Friday and included and available for download in the Files section of the Quilts of Valor Stars Facebook Group - just follow this direct weblink for ALL the Patriotic Mystery details:

Questions?  Please contact:

Deb Lindley/Founder/Group Leader
East Central IL QOV
217.264.2051 (Direct)

“Covering our Service Members and Veterans touched by war with Quilts of Valor®…”